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Intermediate Readers

These books are appropriate for intermediate readers, from age 8 and onwards. Intended for mostly independent readers, these books contain more complicated sentence structures, vocabulary, and plots, and rely less on illustrations to convey meaning. In the intermediate level, we have stand-alone books, book series, and books in both Nepali and English. You can find our two book series, Dhumdham Ko Ghumgam and Sanbabu Ka Charaharu, as well as our multilingual intermediate level books on this page.
Click on the images for more details, including title, author, illustrator, and price. To order books, contact us.

Books by Marcus Pfister! 

We're excited to announce that we have published, for the first time in Nepali, a series of books by renowned author and illustrator, Marcus Pfister, best known for his work The Rainbow Fish. To see the other titles available, click here!​


Marcus was our guest at Bal Sahitya Mahotsav 2017! To find out more about the festival, visit our website

Individual Books
Sanubabu Ka Charaharu (series)
Dhumdham Ko Ghumgam (series)