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Here at RBK we love celebrating children’s literature and reading culture and have thus recently decided to expand our print-based programming to include spoken-word online resources.  We now have two youtube channels dedicated to the recitation of poetry and full-length children’s books. RBK believes that our spoken-word resources will provide a new and entertaining way for children to engage with literature, and encourage all to take a look at our two channels listed below.

The Kamalko Chhanda Prem channel focuses on celebrating the art of spoken word poetry.  This channel was created because of Kamal Dixit in honor of his passion and love for the art of the oral presentation of poetry.  Check in with our channel for a new poem uploaded every 15 days.

The Kitab Paye Padhi Ramaaye channel is dedicated to the oral presentation of Rato Bangala Kitab children’s literature.  Each video is composed of a beautifully illustrated, RBK online book accompanied by a dramatic reading. Check in every 15 days with our channel for a new upload of a RBK book read aloud!

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