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Rato Bangala Kitab believes in developing a culture of reading by creating attractive, relevant and enjoyable books for children.


Rato Bangala Kitab is committed to making our website accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities.

What web accessibility is

Web accessibility ensures that all visitors, including those with disabilities, can navigate and interact with the website effectively and enjoyably.

Accessibility adjustments on this site

Our website adheres to the latest WCAG [2.1 / 2.2] guidelines and has been designed to meet [AA / AAA] level accessibility standards. We have implemented various features to enhance accessibility, including:

    Leveraging the Accessibility Wizard to identify and address potential accessibility issues

    Ensuring clear and logical content order across all pages

    Providing descriptive alternative text for images

    Optimizing color combinations for improved contrast

    Minimizing the use of motion to support users with sensory sensitivities

    Ensuring all multimedia content is accessible to all users

Declaration of partial compliance with the standard due to third-party content [only add if relevant]

Our commitment to accessibility extends to third-party content. In cases where third-party content affects accessibility, we declare partial compliance with the standards and provide detailed information on the affected pages.

Accessibility arrangements in the organization [only add if relevant]

[Enter a description of the accessibility arrangements in the physical offices / branches of your site's organization or business. The description can include all current accessibility arrangements starting from the beginning of the service to the end. Specify any additional accessibility arrangements, services, and accessibility accessories available for use]

Requests, issues, and suggestions

If you encounter any accessibility issues on our website or require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our accessibility coordinator:

[Name of the accessibility coordinator]

[Telephone number of the accessibility coordinator]

[Email address of the accessibility coordinator]

[Include any additional contact details if relevant / available]

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