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Dear Food Enthusiasts,

We are writing to you with an exciting idea! Our aim is to put a child-friendly cookbook in  children’s hands. Children will be more aware of eating healthy food, as well as appreciating the variety of foods enjoyed by others. We would like to make a Children’s Cookbook with tried and tested recipes that are loved by those who make the food. We seek recipes that can be followed by children, possibly with some supervision by an adult.

The aim is to have recipes that are healthy, and made with locally available ingredients. We would like it to be a predominately Nepali cookbook but appreciate that there may sometimes be some fusion involved, as well as other family favorites. Please submit original recipes that are not copied from cookbooks and the internet.

We look forward to a variety of recipes under the following categories:


           Main meal


           Sauces, dips and achar



We realize that most of us are used to cooking without measuring the ingredients, but we urge you to test your recipes with precise measurements. Submitted recipes will be selected by our Cookbook committee for final publication.

Each student/family may submit up to 2 recipes (only one per category) and the student/family will be acknowledged in the book. 

In order to be consistent, please keep the following measurements in mind:

1 teaspoon = 5ml

1 Tablespoon = 15 ml

1 Cup = 250 ml

How to measure?

Kindly submit your recipes by: November 30, 2021

Below is a sample recipe format as an example:

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