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About Us

Rato Bangala Kitab believes in developing a culture of reading by creating attractive, relevant and enjoyable books for children.

When children love to read, they become better students, artists, and writers. With this in mind, Rato Bangala Kitab (RBK) strives to deliver high-quality reading material for children in Nepali and English, with the hope that they become life-long book lovers. 


Established in Nepal in 1994, RBK published its first children's book,  Mangalay ko Changa, amidst an absence of quality Nepali children's literature. Since then, RBK has published over 240 titles in Nepali. Its most well-known book, The Adventures of a Nepali Frog, has been translated into 11 languages. RBK books have won awards from Bal Sahitya Samaj (the Nepalese Society for Children's Literature) for their quality and relevance.


The state of Nepali children's literature has greatly improved since the nineties. Parents and educators now have access to a steady supply of books from several publishers. RBK books have been distributed to thousands of schools in Nepal, and are regularly used in highly ranked academies, including Rato Bangala School (RBS).


Of special relevance is the RBK-developed early grade reading package, which consists of a systematic reading program for students in the early grades to improve reading and comprehension in Nepali. While RBK's translated titles acknowledge the importance of being multilingual in today's world, the Nepali early grade reading package ensures literacy support for young children in Nepal. 


Together with its sister institutions (RBS and Rato Bangala Foundation), RBK has been organizing an annual Children's Literature Festival, Bal Sahitya Mahotsav, since 2015. Bal Sahitya Mahotsav provides opportunities for students to be engaged with and to enjoy literature. It also provides workshops for teachers and administrators from other schools to conduct Bal Sahitya Mahotsav in their own schools around Nepal.


Now in its third decade, RBK continues to grow, publishing new titles in Nepali and English each year. RBK's work continues to strengthen Nepal's reading culture, demonstrating that children's books are not an expense, but an investment. 


In addition to publishing books and organizing a children’s literature festival, RBK also posts educational social media, including Youtube poem recitations and readings under playlists such as “Kamal ko Chanda Prem” and “Kitab Paye Padhi Ramaye” that aim to promote the discipline of oral storytelling. Find out more here





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